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Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse
Title: Microprocessors and MicrocontrollersAuthor: A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse CSE/IT ( V Semester ) ABranch: CSE/IT ( V Semester )Anna University 2019 RegulationsISBN: 9789333202312..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: JEYASRI AROKIAMARY
Mobile And Pervasive Computing  by JEYASRI AROKIAMARY from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2008  RegulationsDepartment -  CSE  VII  Semester ISBN : 9789350991107Course Code : CS2402..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Jeyasri Arokiamary
Mobile Communication  by  Jeyasri Arokiamary from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017RegulationsDepartment -  ( IT )    VI   SemesterISBN: 9789350991138Course Code : IT8602..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: V. Jeyasri Arokiamary
Mobile Computing by V. Jeyasri Arokiamary From Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsBranch: (CSE / IT)    (VI  SEMESTER)Subject Code : CS8601ISBN:9789333206877..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Dr. Berlin, Amudha G, K. Balasaranya
Multi - Core Architectures and Programming by Dr. Berlin, Amudha G, K. Balasaranya from Technical PublicationsISBN: 9789333213769Anna University 2017 RegulationsSemester: CSE - VIIICourse Code: CS6801  ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
Network Programming and Management by V.S. Bagad, I.A. Dhotre from Technical PublicationsISBN: 978933213639Anna University 2017 RegulationsSemester: IT- VIII Course Code: IT6008..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.A.Puntambekar
Object Oriented Analysis and Design by A.A.Puntambekar  from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsBranch : CSE / IT -6th  SemesterISBN: 9789333202145(4)Course Code : CS8592 ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.A.PUNTAMBEKAR
Object Oriented Programming by A.A.PUNTAMBEKAR from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2020 RegulationsDepartment: CSE / IT III Semester, EEE/ECE V Semester, Course Code: CS8391ISBN: 9789333219242..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.A.Puntambekar
Title: Object Oriented Programming From Technical Publications Author: A.A.Puntambekar ISBN: 9789350998342 Anna University - SEMESTER IV ( EEE ) 2013 COURSECourse Code: CS6456 ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A. A. Pumtambekar
Object  Oriented Programming and Data structures by A.A.Puntambekar from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationDepartment- ECE III SemesterISBN: 9789350996973Course Code: EC6301..
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Operating Systems
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: L. Mathu Krithiga Venkatesh
Operating Systems by L. Mathu Krithiga Venkatesh from Margham PublicationsAuthor: I.A.DhotreISBN: 9789350998946Anna University - SEMESTER VI (ECE) 2013 COURSE                     ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: I.A.Dhotre
Title: Operating Systems From Technical Publications Author: I.A.Dhotre ISBN: 9789333221153 Anna University - SEMESTER VI (ECE) 2017 COURSE                         &nbs..
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