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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse
Electronic Circuits II by U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse from Technical PublicationsAnna University regulations 2017Department: ECE IV SemesterISDN: 9789333221115(1)Course Code: EC8452  ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.P.GODSE, U.A.BAKSHI
Electronic Devices by A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationDepartment- EEE III SemesterISBN: 9789333217033Course Code - EC8252..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A. P. Godse, Dr. D. A. Godse
Electronics and Microprocessors by A. P. Godse, Dr. D. A. Godse from Technical PublicationsSEM 4TH AUTO 2017 REGULATIONCOURSE CODE ;EC8396..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: I.A.DHOTRE
Embedded And Real time Systems by I.A.DHOTRE from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2020 RegulationsDepartment : ECE and CSE  (VII Semester)Course Code: EC6703ISBN: 9789333215695(1)..
Rs.186.00 Rs.195.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: V. S. Bagad
Engineering Economics by V. S. Bagad from Technical PublicationsISBN: 9789333213844Anna University 2017 RegulationsBranch: Mech - VIII SemesterCourse Code: MG6863  ..
Rs.105.00 Rs.110.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: ANJALI BAGAD
Engineering Economics And Financial Accounting  by  ANJALI  BAGAD  from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2008 RegulationsDepartment - CSE  VII  Semester ISBN: 9789350990780Course Code: MG2452..
Rs.214.00 Rs.230.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anup Goel,Dr.V.Dhinakaran
Title: Engineering Materials and Metallurgy From Technical Publications Author: Anup Goel,Dr.V.Dhinakaran ISBN: 9789333221177(1)Anna University - SEMESTER IV ( MECHANICAL ) 2017 COURSECourse Code: ME8491 ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: H.J.Sawant ANUP GOEL
Engineering Mechanics from Technical Publications Author :H.J.SAWANT,ANUP GOELBranch: Mechanical / AutoISBN:9789350992197Course Code: GE8292..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: H.J.SAWANT
Engineering Physics - I  - by  H.J.SAWANT   from Technical Publications    Anna University - 2013 Regulations    Common to all departments  for first year engineering     Course Code: PH6151   &..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: H.J.Sawant
 Engineering Physics – IICommon For All Branches ( II   SEMESTER)Course Code: PH6251Advanced Engineering Materials Metallic glasses : Preparation, Properties and applications. Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) : Characteristics, Properties of NiTi alloy, Applicati..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anup Goel, Siddu Patil
Engineering Thermodynamics by Anup Goel, Siddu Patil from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsDepartment:  Mechanical / Automobile  Department - Third SemesterCourse Code  -  ME8351ISBN: 9789333218993..
Rs.261.00 Rs.275.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anjali Bagad
Environmental Science and Engineering By V.S.BAGADfrom  Technical PublicationsAnna Universuty 2017 RegulationsDepartment- EEE/CSE/IT/CIVIL III Semester, ECE IV Semester, Mechanical IV semesterISBN: 9789350997086Course Code - GE8291 ..
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