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Third Semester

Publisher: Laxmi Publications Author: Er. R.K. Rajput
A Text Book of Engineering Thermodynamics  from Laxmi PublicationsAuthor: Er. R.K. RajputLatest (5th Edition)Branch : Mechanical  3rd Semester..
Rs.674.00 Rs.725.00
Publisher: Laxmi Publications Author: R.K. Rajput
A Textbook of Engineering Thermodynamics by  R.K. Rajput - Third Edition..
Rs.553.00 Rs.595.00
Publisher: Sruthi Publishers Author: Sruthi Publishers
Anna University Solved Question Papers - Mechnical 3rd Sem from Sruthi PublicationsAll Subjects 5 Years   Q & A..
Rs.375.00 Rs.390.00
Publisher: Anuradha Publications Author: J.Gnanavadivel, DR.J.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Chitra Selvi
Electrical Drives And Controls by J.Gnanavadivel, DR.J.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Chitra Selvi from Anuradha PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch: Mech - III SemesterCourse Code: EE6351..
Rs.251.00 Rs.270.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: U.A.BAKSHI, M.V.BAKSHI
Electrical Drives And Control  by U.A.BAKSHI, M.V.BAKSHI from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsDepartment : Mechanical   III    SemesterISBN:  9789333219273Course Code: EE8353 ..
Rs.228.00 Rs.240.00
Publisher: AR Publications Author: V.Thiyagarajan
Electrical Drives And Control by V.Thiyagarajan from AR PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsDepartment: Mechanical  III  SemesterCourse Code: EE6351..
Rs.250.00 Rs.270.00
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education India Author: P K Nag
Engineering Thermodynamics by  P K Nag - Fifth EditionMay be applicable to Anna Universrity 2013 Regulations - Mechanical / Automobile  Department - Third SemesterAnna University Course Code  -  ME6301Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag is widely accepted by the student c..
Rs.588.00 Rs.600.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anup Goel, Siddu Patil
Engineering Thermodynamics by Anup Goel, Siddu Patil from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsDepartment:  Mechanical / Automobile  Department - Third SemesterCourse Code  -  ME8351ISBN: 9789333218993..
Rs.261.00 Rs.275.00
Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: Dr.G.K.Vijayaraghavan
Engineering Thermodynamics by Dr.G.K.Vijayaraghavan from Lakshmi PublicationsISBN: 9789383103072Anna Universrity 2017 Regulations - Mechanical / Automobile  Department - Third SemesterCourse Code  -  ME6301 ..
Rs.427.00 Rs.450.00
Publisher: ARS Publications Author: Dr. V. Savithiri, T.Mukesh, D.Sakthivel
Engineering Thermodynamics by Dr. V. Savithiri, T.Mukesh, D.Sakthivel from ARS PublicationsAnna Universrity 2017 Regulations - Mechanical / Automobile  Department - Third SemesterCourse Code  -  ME6301 ..
Rs.356.00 Rs.375.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anup Goel, Balamanikanda Suthan
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by ANUP GOEL, Balamanikanda Suthan from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsBranch: Mechaniical  (III  Semester)Course Code: CE8394ISBN:  9789333219075..
Rs.413.00 Rs.435.00
Publisher: AR Publications Author: K.Rajasekar, B.Balasubramanian,S.P.Premkumar
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by K.Rajasekar, B.Balasubramanian, S.P.Premkumar from AR PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsBranch: Mechanical  (III  Semester)Course Code: CE8302..
Rs.465.00 Rs.490.00
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