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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: M.krishnamoorthi, V.Sundhara moorthy
Accounting For Management by E.Gnanasekaran  from Lakshmi PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsDepartment - MBA  1st  semesterCourse Code: BA5103..
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: R. Rajaraghavi
Ad Hoc and wireless Sensors Networks by R. Rajaraghavi from Lakshmi PublicationsBranch: ECE   (7th  Semester)Anna University 2017 RegulationsCourse Code: EC8702..
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Advanced Data Structures And Algorithms
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: Dr.P.Valarmathie, G.Jenifa, P.Suresh
Advanced Data Structures And Algorithms by Dr.P.Valarmathie, G.Jenifa, P.Suresh from Lakshmi PublicationsBranch: M.E.,/ M.Tech., CSE  (1st Semester)(Common to M.E Software Engineering),(With Specialiation in Networks), M.E. Biometrics and Cyber Security and M.Tech IT and M.E Multime..
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: V. Sankara Subramaniyan Dr. K. Elangovan Dr. A. Prabaghar
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: B.Balraj
Analytical Instruments by B.Balraj from Lakshmi PublicationsBranch: EIE / ICE (5th Semester)Anna University 2013 RegulationsCourse Code: EI6501..
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: Dr. V. Jayakumar
Applied Hydraulics & Pneumatics by Dr. V. Jayakumar from Lakshmi PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsDepartment:  Mechatronics 6th Semester ..
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: Dr.G.K.Vijayaraghavan Dr. S. Sundaravalli
Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics by Dr.G.K.Vijayaraghavan Dr. S. Sundaravalli from Suchitra PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationBranch: EIE / ICE  4th  SemesterCourse Code :EI6403..
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