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Sixth Semester

Publisher: Sruthi Publishers Author: Sruthi Publishers
Anna University Solved Question Papers - CSE & IT 6th Sem from Sruthi PublishersAll Subjects Q & A* Distributed Systems* Mobile Computing* Compiler Design* Digital Signal Processing (CSE  Only)* Artificial Intelligence* Software Architectures (IT  Only) ..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anamitra Deshmukh-Nimbalkar
Title: Artificial Intelligence From Technical Publications Author: Anamitra Deshmukh-Nimbalkar ISBN:9789333206815 Anna University - SEMESTER VI ( CSE / IT ) 2013 COURSECourse Code: CS6659 ..
Rs.470.25 Rs.495.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: ANAMITRA NIMBALKAR
C# And .Net Programming by ANAMITRA NIMBALKAR from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationCourse Code : CS6001..
Rs.428.00 Rs.460.00
Publisher: Suchitra Publications Author: N. Rajganesh
C# And .Net Programming by N. Rajganesh  from Suchitra PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationBranch: CSE / IT    6th Semester..
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Compiler Design
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Publisher: Charulatha Publications Author: Sathish Kumar
Compiler Design by Sathish Kumar from Charulatha PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch:   CSE / IT  (VI  Semester)Course Code: CS6660..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.A.Puntambekar
Title : Compiler Design ( ELECTIVE )From Technical PublicationsAuthor: A.A.PuntambekarTechnical Publications - (IT) 2013ISBN:9789333206853    ..
Rs.342.00 Rs.360.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: A.A.PUNTAMBEKAR
Compiler Design (Principles of Compiler Design) by A.A.PUNTAMBEKAR from Technical PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch: (CSE / IT)     (VI  Semester)                 IT&..
Rs.299.00 Rs.315.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: I.A.DHOTRE
Distributed Systems by I.A.DHOTRE From Technical PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch: CSE / IT   (VI   Semester)ISBN:9789333206846Course Code: CS6601  ..
Rs.300.00 Rs.315.00
Publisher: Charulatha Publications Author: Sharanya.S
Distributed Systems by Sharanya.S from Charulatha PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch: CSE / IT  (VI   Semester)Course Code: CS6601  ..
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Graph Theory and Applications
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Publisher: Meenakshi Agency Author: Dr. A. Singaravelu
Graph Theory and Applications by Dr. A. Singaravelu Meenakshi AgencyAnna University 2017 RegulationsDepartment: CSE/IT 6th Semester (Elective)Course Code: CS8077..
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Publisher: Lakshmi Publications Author: S.Jaya
Information Theory and Coding by S.Jaya from Lakshmi PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationBranch: IT    (6th Semester)..
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Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Dr. J.S.CHITODE
Information Theory and Coding Techniques (Elective I) Dr. J.S.CHITODE From Technical PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch:   IT   (VI  Semester)ISBN: 9789333206891Course Code: IT6002 ..
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