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Sams Publishers - Chennai

Publisher: Sams Publishers - Chennai Author: Shankar
Advanced IC Engines by Shankar from SAMS Publisher ChennaiISBN: 9789380485423Anna University 2013 RegulationsSemester: Mechanical - VIII SemesterCourse Code: ME6016..
Rs.186.00 Rs.200.00
Publisher: Sams Publishers - Chennai Author: Dr.R.Gnanaguru V.Haribalaji,
Computer Aided Design by Dr.R.Gnanaguru V.Haribalaji,  from Sams Publications  Anna University 2013 RegulationDepartment-  MECH - V   SemesterCourse Code: ME6501..
Rs.167.00 Rs.180.00
Publisher: Sams Publishers - Chennai Author: Jayachitra S
 Flexible AC Transmission Systems by Jayachitra S from Sams Publishers, ChennaiISBN: 9789380485263Anna University 2013 RegulationBranch: EEE - VII SemesterCourse Code: EE6004..
Rs.138.00 Rs.140.00
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