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Electronics and Instrumentation

Publisher: Charulatha Publications Author: J.Rangarajan
Electronic Devices And Circuits by J.Rangarajan from Charulatha PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationBranch: EEE / EIE (III) SemesterCourse Code: EC6202..
Rs.169.00 Rs.180.00
Publisher: Suchitra Publications Author: R. RajaRaghavi
Electronic Devices And Circuits by R. RajaRaghavi  from Suchitra PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationBranch: EEE / EIE / ICE (3rd Semester)            BIOMEDICAL  (2nd  Semester)Course Code: EC6202 ..
Rs.159.00 Rs.170.00
Publisher: Magnus Publications Author: T.Joel
Electronic Devices and Circuits by T.Joel from Magnus PublicationsAnna University 2013 RegulationDepartment- EEE / EIE     (III Semester)Course Code - EC6202..
Rs.238.00 Rs.250.00
Publisher: Sri Krishna Hitech Publishing Company Author: Dr. A. Ravikrishnan
Engineering Chemistry - II by Dr. A. Ravikrishnan from Sri Krishna Hitech PublishingAs per the Anna University syllabus from 2014-2015Common to all the branches - II SemesterWith Free Annexure IncludedPower Point CD (Optional)..
Rs.320.00 Rs.345.00
Publisher: G.Balaji Publishers Author: G. Balaji
Engineering Mathematics - II by G. Balaji from G. Balaji PublishersCommon to all branches of B.E./B.TechAnna Universirty Regulations 2013 - Latest Syllabus and Question PatternFree Question and Answer Book along with this book..
Rs.462.00 Rs.497.00
Author: Dr.A.Singaravelu
Engineering Mathematics II by Dr.A.Singaravelu from suchitra publicationsAnna university 2017 RegulationsBranch: Common For All Branches(II  Semester)  (B.E. / B.Tech)Course Code: MA8251 ..
Rs.350.00 Rs.375.00
Publisher: Magnus Publications Author: P. Uma
Environmental Science and Engineering by P. Uma from Magnus PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsBranch: ECE (V), EEE / EIE / CSE / IT /CIVIL (III), MECH (IV) semesterCourse Code: GE8291..
Rs.180.00 Rs.190.00
Publisher: Charulatha Publications Author: A.V.JISHA KUMARI
Environmental Science and Engineering by A.V.JISHA KUMARI  from Charulatha PublicationsAnna University 2017 RegulationsBranch: ECE (V), EEE / EIE /2ND SEM CSE / IT /CIVIL (III), MECH (IV) semesterCourse Code: GE8291 ..
Rs.250.00 Rs.275.00
Publisher: Sri Krishna Hitech Publishing Company Author: Dr.A.Ravikrishnan
Environmental Science and Engineering by Dr.A.Ravikrishnan from Sri Krishna Hitech Publishing Company Pvt.LtdAnna University 2013 RegulationsDepartments- III  Semester - Civil, EEE, EIE, ICE, CSE, IT & Bio-Tech / IV  Semester - Mech, Chemical /  V  Semester - ECE,&nbs..
Rs.308.00 Rs.325.00
Publisher: New Age International Author: Anubha Kaushik, C P Kaushik
Environmental Science and Engineering by Anubha Kaushik from New Age International PublishersAnna University 2013 RegulationsBranch: ECE (V), EEE / EIE /CSE / IT /CIVIL (III), MECH (IV) SemestersCourse Code: GE6351 ..
Rs.280.00 Rs.295.00
Publisher: Technical Publications Author: Anjali Bagad
Environmental Science and Engineering By V.S.BAGADfrom  Technical PublicationsAnna Universuty 2017 RegulationsDepartment- EEE/CSE/IT/CIVIL III Semester, ECE IV Semester, Mechanical IV semesterISBN: 9789350997086Course Code - GE8291 ..
Rs.252.00 Rs.265.00
Publisher: Suchitra Publications Author: S. Krishnamoorthi
Fundamentals of Nanoscience by S. Krishnamoorthi from Suchitra PublicationsBranch: EIE / ICE / Mechanical/ Biotech  (6th  Semester)Anna University 2017 RegulationsCourse Code: GE6081..
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